this is how the capacity of a battery degrades over the distance traveled

The battery of a Tesla is the most expensive consumable of the car. Today, a new report from Elon Musk’s company reveals the amount of capacity lost after hundreds of thousands of miles traveled, on vehicles marketed in the US and Europe.

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You’re here recently published a report that details, among other things, how the batteries that equip the company’s vehicles degrade over the distance traveled. This information is found on page 67 of this 143-page document.

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Tesla battery life revealed in new official report

In its report, Tesla unveiled a graph that demonstrates battery capacity retention Tesla Model S and X depending on the distance travelled. It shows a rapid drop of a few percent in the peak charge level over the first few thousand miles, before settling into a gradual, almost linear drop. In contrast, the cheaper Model 3 and Model Y are not shown in the graph.

At the helm of 320,000 kmthe graph reveals a loss of battery capacity by approximately 10%. The company notes that the vehicles are ” discarded in such waters in the United States, corroborating Tesla’s previous claims that their batteries were designed to work ” throughout the life of the vehicle “. Good news, especially when you know how much Tesla batteries cost a fortune.

The numbers, on the other hand, are less optimistic for Europe since Tesla indicates that the cars are designed to hold approximately 240,000 km.

The report surprisingly does not provide data on battery age, a factor that has a very strong impact on the lifespan of cells. Tesla only specifies – in the small lines below the graph – that the age is ” a major factor and that a car that runs more frequently and longer will be more likely to match their projections.

It should also be noted that iron-based batteries, designed with newer chemicals, will need more data before they can be accurately assessed.

Remember that Telsa offers a “standard limited warranty” for 4 years or 80,000 km, whichever comes first; and up to 8 years or 240,000 km, with a minimum retention of 70% battery capacity during the warranty period for Model S and X.

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