This insurance company closes its offices every Monday: it saves 145 tons of CO2 per year

In the Liège region, the insurer Ethias has decided to close all of its offices once a week. In all, around 1,500 people are therefore teleworking every Monday. The company’s objective is essentially to save energy.

Every Monday, the insurer Ethias decided to save energy by closing all of its offices. In the Ethias insurance company building, the public is always welcomed on the ground floor. However, to access the eleven floors, you have to go there on foot. “Indeed the elevators are cut. They are particularly energy-intensive and therefore the only possible access to the buildings is through the stairwell which is switched on by detector“, explains Julien Balistreri, human resources director at Ethias.

In the offices, there is no lighting. Computer screens are off. The temperature is 27 degrees. “The refrigeration unit is shut down. It will be until the end of this day. He has been since Friday afternoon“, adds Julien Balistreri.

On Monday, we know that it is automatically a remote meeting

Ethias currently produces 3800 tonnes of CO2 per year. Each closing Monday saves 2.8 tonnes, or 145 tonnes per year. The motivation is twofold. “It is on the one hand our ambition to reduce our carbon footprint and on the other hand the increase in fuel prices that impacts employees.“, answers the human resources director at Ethias.

During this day, 1,500 employees are teleworking. Indeed, when the home-work journey exceeds 2 kilometres, an employee produces less CO2 by staying at home. “The fact of knowing that everyone is at home after all is not so bad from an organizational point of view for the meetings. On Monday, we know that it’s automatically a remote meeting and we don’t look for each other in the building or elsewhere“, reacts Julie Philippe, an employee of the Ethias company. By reducing its energy bill, the company saves money as does its staff.

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