This Google TV remote control never needs batteries

This controller charges by itself, assuming it ever goes on sale.

TW Electronics

Some remotes, like the Apple TV 4K, require charging with a cable. But most get their power from a pair of AAA batteries, and while they can last a good while, it’s inevitable that they’ll need to be replaced one day. Unless you have this new remote from TW Electronics.

Announced yesterday as part of the CES 2023 shennanihans, the new Google TV remote is designed to never need batteries or recharging. At least it doesn’t need to be recharged manually.


In fact, the battery is automatically recharged thanks to the power of light. It also doesn’t mean you have to let this item recharge in the garden. TW Electronics claims that the new Google TV remote charges using the internal light, which is quite handy.

That’s because it will be built using a solar panel made by Swedish company Exeger, Android Authority reports. But perhaps more importantly for Google TV Kit owners, the button layout on this controller is the same as they were already using. No need to relearn muscle memory here, folks.

But as is often the case with products announced at the annual CES, there’s a catch. The announcement tweet above doesn’t include essential information: the date the new controller will be available for purchase.

Right now, TW Electronics isn’t saying when the controller will be available, which means it’s hard to get excited about it. The history of CES is littered with props and devices that either never went on sale or took years to make. We can only hope this controller doesn’t fall into that category.

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