This driverless Tesla hits… a plane (video)

Yet another new pan for the “Smart Summon” feature. The owner of a Tesla Mode Y would have activated it to move his vehicle remotely. Except that the latter collided with a jet parked at an airport…

An invasive Tesla Model Y – Credit: Reddit u/smiteme

Since 2019, there has been a mode called “Smart Summon” on the Tesla. This allows you to move your car remotely via your smartphone in order to bring it to you. Which comes in handy when the latter is parked in the middle of a parking lot or in your private driveway. But this Autopilot-fed feature is far from foolproof and requires the user’s constant attention.

Collisions, damage, accidents… Many users have reported problems since its deployment. And this new incident will not restore the image of the Tesla “Smart Summon” which had frightened a grandmother two years ago. Captured by security cameras, the scene takes place in the heart of Felts Field airport in Washington. During a Cirrus event, several planes from the American company are parked on the tarmac.

A jet victim of the Tesla “Smart Summon”

Suddenly, a Tesla Model Y slowly approaches a Cirrus before hitting it a few seconds later. The vehicle continues to move forward after the collision, which has the effect of moving the aircraft. According to the Reddit user who shared the sequence, the activation of the “Smart Summon” mode would be the cause of this strange incident. The value of the crashed jet is believed to be between $1,764,000 and $2,156,000, according to It would be a Cirrus Vision SF50.

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Apart from the imprudence of the user who activated the “Smart Summon” in an inappropriate area, it is however difficult to understand how the system could not detect such an obstacle. Several members of the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, however, claimed that the part of the plane hit was in the air, which would have escaped the sensors and / or cameras. Here is the sequence in question:

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