these women who must undergo a “removal of the uterus” after being vaccinated…

It is a long-awaited day for many women. This Wednesday, April 6, the Senate will hear members of a group of women who denounce the many adverse effects of the vaccine against Covid-19 on menstruation. Several of them will testify, including a Marseillaise who had to undergo a hysterectomy. Julie talks about her career on France Infothis Tuesday, April 5. “I had my second vaccination at the beginning of August and a fortnight later I started having extremely strong pains that can be compared to labor pains, non-stop day and night and which lasted almost three weeks”, she says. Member of the collective “Where is my cycle”, she was first auditioned on Monday at the European Parliament. She will be heard on Wednesday by a study committee on the side effects of vaccines.

Here is his journey. Worried about some pain, the young woman consulted several doctors. Examinations reveal adenomyosis, an endometriosis that affects the level of the uterus. Intolerant to hormonal treatment and without medication that doesn’t really relieve her, Julie decides to have surgery to ease her suffering. “The removal of the uterus is the only solution that presented itself to me”, she says. “I found a surgeon who agreed to give me a hysterectomy and since then I have returned to a normal life.” According to Julie, the first pains appeared shortly after the injection of the vaccine. For her, doubt is no longer allowed, the serum had consequences on his health.

According to the National Medicines Safety Agency (ANSM), 152,302 cases of adverse effects were reported by regional pharmacovigilance centers (CRPV) since the start of vaccination and 4,432 of them concerned menstrual disorders. At the beginning of this year, the specialized scientific journal Obstetrics and Gynecology unveiled a study conducted on the menstruation of 2,400 women. Research concluded that effects were not serious and limited to less than a day. The main disturbances observed in the vast majority of cases are bleeding between cycles, abnormally heavy and painful periods.

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