these 5 infallible tips to reduce your bill

Car insurance is an expense that French motorists cannot dodge. The average price of insurance is around 600 euros per year. But there are a few tricks to keep the bill down.

In order to ride legally and to be covered in the event of an accident, theft or claim, car insurance is essential for all persons in possession of a vehicle. In terms of estimation, the average annual price of insurance would be 600 euros. An expense that is therefore not negligible. But in order to moderate this expense, there are a few tricks.

Compare the prices

It is one thing to do when choosing your insurance: compare the prices as well as the different offers. Moreover, do not hesitate to play the competition in order to lower prices. For this, there are comparators available online.

Combine insurance

To benefit from more advantageous rates, but also to negotiate lower insurance premiums, it is preferable to group all your insurance with the same provider. Which, in the long run, will save you money.

Don’t forget the promotions

You can cancel your insurance after one year. This which has not escaped the insurers who therefore offer promotions to challenge the competition. By scrutinizing all the offers on the market, it is therefore possible to find offers offering both free months and lower deductibles.

Do not report small claims

With the bonus-malus systems put in place by insurers, you have to think carefully before declaring a claim. In fact, it could put you at a disadvantage. In other words, as far as possible, it is therefore preferable to settle the claim amicably. What not to taint your current bonus. As a reminder, a long accident-free period will enable you to lower your premium.

Consider online insurance

Just like online banks, online insurance is multiplying. The fact of not having a physical agency, it therefore offers more advantageous rates and thus makes it possible to carry out savings ranging from 20 to 30% compared to traditional insurance.

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