Thermor unveils a reversible air conditioner with UVC technology

Thermor presents among its 2022 novelties, Nagano Murale Pure, a new model in its Nagano reversible air conditioning range.

The importance of indoor air quality has increased with the Covid-19 epidemic. Thermor has chosen to expand its Nagano range with a model that addresses this issue. The new Nagano Murale Pure reversible air conditioner is equipped with UVC technology: inside, an LED emits a UV-C light that cleans the air. This lab-tested technology kills 99.99% of airborne bacteria and viruses, including covid-19. For added hygiene, the device has a unique antibacterial coating that allows it to self-clean.

As with the rest of the Nagano range, this air/air heat pump is connected and reversible, and features a matte finish and a curved design that easily integrates into any interior, home or office. The device performs very well in terms of energy saving, with a energy class A+++ in cooling mode and A++ in heating mode. It is also equipped with a presence detector to switch to ECO mode when the room is unoccupied. The operating range of the outdoor unit is -20°C and +43°C. Possibility of single or multi-split installation.

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