Therdonne accident. He was driving without a license, without insurance and after consuming alcohol and narcotics

The case went to immediate appearance this Wednesday, April 27 at the Beauvais court. Illustrative photo – OH Archives.

On April 23, around 9 p.m., an accident between two cars occurred on the national 31, at the level of the Therdonne bridge, a little before the entrance to Beauvais. Aurélie, 45, a policewoman from Cergy, who lives in Beauvais, and her niece, Anaïs, a 26-year-old Liancourtoise who is due to take the national police entrance exam in May, were heading to Beauvais. “At that hour, there are not many people on the roadremarks the niece.

The two women look in the mirrors and see a car coming at high speed behind them. They immediately think of the worst. While hoping that at the last moment the man will change lanes and overtake them. But instead of overtaking, this car hits theirs from behind.

The two women’s car spun, jumped the embankment and ended its race in a field. That of the author of the accident also struck the embankment, but 175 meters further. Its driver, Pascal Noclain, 56, was driving under the influence of cannabis and had 1.76 grams of alcohol in his blood. The accident injured four people who were taken to the emergency room of Beauvais hospital.

Without technical control, license or insurance

The driver, Aurélie, who suffers from bruises on her back and neck, was awarded three days of total incapacity for work. His niece, Anaïs, suffers from spinal fractures. His incapacity will be more than three months. As for Pascal Noclain, he fled from the hospital.

He disappeared for two days before surrendering to the gendarmerie on April 25. He will be placed in pre-trial detention the next day pending April 27, the day of his judgment in immediate appearance.

On April 27, he agrees to appear immediately for having driven a Peugeot 407 whose technical control has expired, without a license and without insurance, in an alcoholic state and after having consumed cannabis and above all involuntary injuries with incapacity for three days and greater than three months, recurrence.

The future of a compromised victim

Philippe Tabart, the lawyer for the civil parties. Credit: Beauvais Public Prosecutor’s Office – Philippe Tabart.

The lawyer for the civil parties, Philippe Tabard, requests the dismissal of the trial. Indeed, if the Social Security has indeed been questioned and is a civil party for the injuries of Anaïs, it is not the same for the driver, Aurélie. This does not depend on Social Security but on an independent scheme whose correspondent could not be contacted, given the shortness of the deadline.

Philippe Tabart insists: “Anaïs wants to be present at the trial. She thought she was here today, but she is still hospitalized because the corset she will have to wear for at least two months is not ready yet. She is desperate, she has to pass her police entrance examination at the end of May; She has to talk to him. His future is in jeopardy“.

Already eight convictions

The president read out the defendant’s criminal record, which includes eight convictions, including one for hit and run after an accident, and one for aggravated theft. He was also convicted of drug use in 2018, but this conviction does not appear on his criminal record. He lives alone, is the father of four children and works as a ripper in a household waste collection company.

He never had a license and never enrolled in a driving school. In the evening, to sleep, he smokes one or two joints and regularly consumes alcohol when he is not working. “I’ve had a rough ride, but it’s getting better“comments the defendant.

In custody until trial

The prosecutor fears that with a blood alcohol level of 1.76 grams, he could repeat. “It largely minimizes its consumption. He’s been convicted five times for traffic offenses and he still doesn’t have a license. He told the personality investigator that he drives to work and not on a scooter as he just said. He faces 14 years in prison! I won’t wait for someone to die on the road!“. She asks that she be kept in detention until the remand hearing.

Defense lawyer Julie Courtin believes that her client is aware of having escaped the worst: “After being homeless, he barely sticks his head out of the water“.

Pascal Noclain will remain in prison until his trial, which will take place on May 23.

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