The YouTuber at the heart of a new big scam

Logan Paul is undoubtedly one of the most controversial youtubers in recent years: a millionaire, he had especially caused a lot of talk about him by buying the most expensive pokemon card in history ($5.3 million), then he distinguished himself in boxing with a couple of meetings marked by scandal and suspicion of match-fixing.

Recently, the name of Youtuber was mentioned when the Lidl brand proposed selling an energy drink designed by Logan Paul and KSI (Prime), which led to clashes and fights in some stores.

A game that mixes Crypto, NFT… and a big scam

But earlier, i 2021Logan Paul promoted a video game on his channel: CryptoZoo. A usual promotion for influencers, except in this specific case it was mainly a big scam.

Thus, the game offered to integrate blockchain and allowed players to make purchases “Zoo Coins”, an in-game currency that allowed you to buy in random animal eggs NFT. The purpose of the title was to breed animals to generate hybrids and thus recover NFT can then be sold on. The title therefore suggested a certain form of speculation.

From its launch year and strong sponsor with Logan Paul, the title has generated more than 2.5 million dollars his first year. The capitalization of the Zoo Coin was estimated at 2 billion dollars…And yet the game is still unplayable…

The situation was reported by CoffeeZilla, a Youtuber who clearly signs out CryptoZoo is a scam.

Logan Paul promoted a platform that raised funds without actually going to market. The YouTuber is not directly responsible for the failure of the platform, but he took advantage of his fame and certainly received a nice check to encourage his followers in a system mix crypto and NFT with the promise of a strong return on investment, even though most people don’t know anything about it…

And all this does not smell good, as it seems that one of the developers of CryptoZoo either fled to Switzerland with the game’s source code while demanding a million dollar ransom from the company that owns it. It is also said that none of them 30 game developers would not have been paid under development.

In short, an almost “standard” scam for this type of game surfing on NFTs and the crypto ecosystem, surfing on the ignorance and gullibility of players attracted by the lure of profit.


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