The White Paper “Compulsory scheme and Supplementary scheme: Parity Insurance engages in the debate”

Parity Insurance White Paper

The white paper “Mandatory scheme and supplementary scheme: Parity Insurance engages in the debate” has just been published. With this book, Parité Assurance wants to contribute to the debate on the evolution in the distribution of roles between compulsory health insurance and complementary health insurance, in the light of the latest report from the High Committee for the Future of Health Insurance (HCAAM) .

The White Paper brings together the analyzes of twenty contributors, including around fifteen members of Parité Assurance – under the coordination of Josette Guéniau, Marie-Sophie Houis, Véronique Lacam-Denoël and Louisa Renoux – with the contribution of experts and of experts in the health and social protection ecosystem.

The contributions gathered in the White Paper “Mandatory scheme and Supplementary scheme: Parity Insurance engages in the debate” provide an enlightened vision and proposals which aim to feed the current reflections on the evolution of the French social protection system initiated by the HCAAM, and on the role that complementary health insurance could play in responding to the new situation. Regardless of the scenario chosen by the HCAAM, maintaining complementary health insurance is a real public health issue, due to their expertise and their added value, particularly in adapting the supply of guarantees and services, in the areas of provident insurance, prevention, health and personal services, both collectively and individually. In fact, a positive evolution of the system could not take place without a virtuous articulation and better cooperation between the compulsory and complementary schemes. So many challenges to be met, which have been scrutinized by the contributors to this White Paper.

To download the white paper: White Paper Parity Insurance, Compulsory Scheme and Supplementary Scheme

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