The “Tesla of boats” arrives in Luxembourg

Before, there were airplanes that flew and ships that sailed. But that was before. Today, boats are beginning to fly. The most revolutionary hydrofoil on the market will begin to be sold in the Benelux countries, therefore in Luxembourg, thanks to a partnership with The Greenwave, announced its Swedish manufacturer, Candela, this Thursday.

According to the brand’s website, its starting price is 290,000 euros excluding VAT. “A price similar to a Chris-Craft”, assures the spokesperson for the brand, “but it is 99% in use”.

After four years of development and 16 months of development, in February the hydrofoil finally took off in the cold waters of Stockholm. “Propelling a conventional speedboat soaring through water requires enormous amounts of energy, which will drain even the largest lithium-ion batteries after just 30-45 minutes of spirited driving. Flying above the waves on computer-controlled hydrofoils – underwater wings – Candela’s boats use 80% less energy than conventional boats, resulting in much longer range and faster speeds on pure battery”, indicates the start-up.

Sailing at 20 knots, the C8 can travel 50 nautical miles with its 44 kWh battery, two to three times more than conventional electric speedboats which nevertheless have batteries three times larger. All without pollution or noise.

The hydrofoil, designed by 70 engineers, has already sold nearly 100 copies since the broadcast of the first performances in the fall and 400 should be produced in 2024.

Sweden’s Startup of the Year 2021, which launched the Candela P-30 shuttle ferry and the Candela P-12 water taxi earlier this year, recently announced it had raised an additional €24 million in a financing round led by EQT Ventures and in which the historical shareholder, Chris Anderson, who owns the TED franchise, participated.

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