The Tesla Model S travels 1,210 km with a new battery that doubles its range

According to Electrek, the company Our Next Energy (ONE) has succeeded in a crazy bet: equipping the Tesla Model S with one of their revolutionary batteries, capable of doubling the autonomy of Tesla’s flagship vehicle.

Tesla Model S © Unsplash

If the Tesla Model S is able to go up to 652km (632 km for the Plaid model) in its theoretical maximum, the company ONE, based in Michigan, succeeded in doubling its autonomy in replacing the original battery with a new onedesigned by them. Unfortunately, the exact manufacturing process has not been revealed, but the company specifies that other prototypes will be tested during 2022.

1210 km of autonomy achieved with a Tesla Model S

Manufacturers of electric vehicles know this well, autonomy is the sinews of warone of the strongest selling points. At CES 2022, Mercedes-Benz will have presented a new prototype, the Vision EQXX, capable of driving without recharging for more than 1000 kilometers, setting a new record in the industry.

Today, ONE says it has successfully pushed a standard Tesla Model S to its limits, running it 1,210 km on a single charge. The gamble paid off thanks to the integration of a new, more efficient battery. The company says it conducted a test drive in late December, in the state of Michigan, with an average speed of 55 mph (88.50 km/h) and a total of 752 miles (1210.23 kilometers) reached. Here is the test video.

The battery system used has an energy density of 416Wh/ℓagainst approximately 245 Wh/ℓ for the original battery. She uses a Nickel-Cobalt-Manganese cathode and an graphite anode. Note, however, that the battery adds an additional 331 kg in total to the original mass of the vehicle, as well as an additional 99.8 kWh of energy.

The company plans to produce a production prototype of its cell by the end of next year, although we doubt the commercial viability of such a product, which is likely too heavy and expensive to produce.

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