the Tesla driver involved in a fatal accident in Paris maintains the thesis of a technical incident

Guest of BFMTV this Friday, the lawyer for the taxi driver involved in the fatal accident in the 13th arrondissement gives the version of his client, who defends the technical incident on his Tesla vehicle.

“He saw his life go by. He saw himself die”. Nearly a week after the fatal accident involving a Tesla vehicle in the 13th arrondissement, the taxi driver’s lawyer gives news of her client. The man, in his 50s, suffered superficial injuries but is “very shocked”.

“I saw him at the very beginning of his police custody, he was in a state of amazement”, explains on BFMTV Me Sarah Saldmann.

Last Saturday evening, the taxi driver hit several people with his vehicle at the corner of rue de Tolbiac and avenue de Choisy. An accident with a heavy toll: one dead and twenty injured.

The “two feet on the brake”

The driver’s lawyer returns to her client’s version, a version which has “never varied” and which defends the thesis of a technical incident on her vehicle. “He drives this vehicle normally to go to dinner with his family, there is no music, no drugs, no alcohol”, explains Me Sarah Saldmann. While his client is at a red light, he restarts.

“And the car races and the brake stays stuck. He does everything to avoid people because the steering wheel is functional (…). He hits yellow studs, to slow the vehicle down and it doesn’t work . He is in a state of panic and even puts his two feet on the brake to press to the maximum. It does not work and he sees his life pass in front of him “.

On images that BFMTV was able to consult, we see the car leave at full speed. The vehicle ends its mad dash after hitting a glass container, which explodes, then a van in the middle of the crossroads.

An “international dispute”

After this accident, the G7 taxi company to which the taxi driver belongs decided to suspend all of its Tesla Model 3 taxis. The American manufacturer, for its part, assured that there had been no “failure technique” to the study of the data of the car.

“It will be up to the courts to carry out the expertise,” insists Me Sarah Saldmann, who questions Tesla’s responsibility. “This is not a Franco-French file. It is an international dispute, I am in the process of cross-checking all the accidents that there have been”, continues the lawyer. “Progress in technology is great, but perhaps it needs to be framed,” she concludes.

Guest of RMC this Wednesday, the Minister of Transport Jean-Baptiste Djebbari welcomed the application of a “precautionary principle” but assured that there is “no concern” to have concerning the Tesla Model 3, the electric car at the top of sales in Europe.

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