The Tesla Cybertruck makes a new outing in Fremont

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It’s been just over two years since the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled. But the electric utility of all superlatives is long overdue, while American competition is beginning to arm itself. In the meantime, the Cybertruck continues its tests in Fremont, California, where it is surprised once again.

Nothing new in the long series of the Tesla Cybertruck, which presents itself on the test tracks of the factory in its almost original form, and finally quite similar to the previous prototype. But most observers could notice the enormous front wiper, necessarily coarse to accommodate the gigantic windshield.

Asked about it on Twitter, Elon Musk clarified that this is the part that bothers him the most about the Cybertruck. The boss of the mark to specify that deployable brooms from the front trunk would be an ideal, before specifying that the system would be rather complex.

Perhaps he is referring here to electromagnetic windshield wipers, whose patent filings surfaced on the Web in 2019: installed under the hood, the blade mounted on a magnetic guide could clean the windshield in its entirety with a movement from left to right.

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