The Solana (SOL) has many red flags promising an uncertain future in case of long-term investment

Solana has been in the news a lot lately, for good and bad reasons. However, it would seem that the latter has caught the attention of the founder of Cyber ​​Capital, Justin Bons. He is in the news today after tweeting a thread about the Solana blockchain. In what many described as hatred against the Solana Foundation, the leader said Solana had “far too many red flags.”

Doubling down on the same, the executive pointed to Solana’s lack of originality while calling him reckless. In fact, Mr. Bons also referred to the anticipation mechanism, saying that it makes it easier for hackers,

“Predicting and therefore attacking. This attack also works regardless of scale, greatly reducing the security of SOL! »

Furthermore, he asserted that Solana is vulnerable to DDoS attacks, and Mr. Bons added,

These criticisms follow a major outage that occurred in early January 2022. This incident, in fact, was the third major network outage in a few months for a blockchain dubbed by many “ ethereum killer“.

What’s next for Solana?

Despite this, there are still many people who believe in this technology. In fact, many have become bullish on Solana’s emerging prominence in the NFT space.

However, despite all the criticism, Solana officials are certain of the quality of the blockchain. They believe they don’t have to do anything that “sells the ‘execution layer for everything’ vision very short,” argued Raj Gokal, co-founder of Solana Labs.

Solana’s growth has fueled a host of predictionsincluding that of Gavin Smith, general partner of Panxora Crypto, who estimated the potential of SOL at $250.

“We believe that SOL is one of the few smart contract-based blockchains that has a technical architecture that will make it difficult for Ethereum to compete on the basis of transaction speed and cost. For the use of smart contracts, especially in the context of DeFi, these factors are a critical indicator of success. »

According to FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried,

“Solana has a chance to become one of the central layers over which most financial and informational transfers take place between applications in a natively Web3 world. »

However, compared to Solana, both BTC and ETH have time proven capabilities and most crypto investors are confident in their longevity.

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