The SCI and life insurance, 2 excellent tools to pass on in a blended family

In a blended family, depending on whether you wish to pass on money or property to your stepchildren, the tools to be favored are not the same. Life insurance and the SCI will be your allies.

In a blended family, two formulas can be interesting for transmitting property or capital to your stepchildren. Life insurance, which allows you to pay them money at a lower tax cost. Provided that the premiums are not obviously exaggerated if you have children. And the creation of a civil real estate company (SCI), followed by the donation of shares, to leave them real estate.

Life insurance, essential

Life insurance is a good way to pass on a sum of money to your stepchildren when you die.

A non-estate capital

Main interest of life insurance: if you designate your stepchildren as beneficiaries of your contract, the capital that will be paid to them on your death will not be part of your estate. This means that it will not be taken into account either to assess the share of the estate that should go to each of your children, or to ensure that they have received their share of the reserve (except for manifestly exaggerated premiums, see below). after)

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