The Primary Health Insurance Fund and the University of Orléans are organizing a prevention day

At a time when access to health is being debated in the metropolis of Orléans, the Loiret health insurance and the University of Orléans organized, this Thursday, April 7, a day dedicated to preventionat La Source University Health Service.

The project of a medical school in Orleans with the University of Zagreb would be in bad shape…

This allowed students to benefit from consultations with practitioners. “There are dentists, dietitians. But also the possibility of doing a breath test and screening for sexually transmitted infections“, enumerates Alain Rousselet, in charge of prevention at the primary health insurance fund (CPAM) of Loiret.

Devices against addiction

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Another aspect highlighted, the fight against smoking with the distribution of anti-smoking patches. “It’s a day dedicated to prevention. But the goal is also to make young people understand how we work,” continues the CPAM representative. In this sense, an escape game was led by representatives of the association Addictions France.

“It is divided into two phases. The first allows you to know what students can find in the services of the CPAM and the second is devoted to addictions”, summarizes Estelle Baude, prevention facilitator within the association.

Appointments made in advance

The preventive aspect of this playful game was in the form of various puzzles, where you had to help Amélie (from the name of the CPAM internet space) to regain her senses after an evening of excess. To participate in this unique event, students were invited to make an appointmentbeforehand.
In total, one hundred and eighty meetings were counted and free access slots were set up during the lunch break to attract as many young people as possible.

Nicolas Bonton

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