The price of diesel is on the rise again, the trap of life insurance for low-income households… The eco flash of the day

The number of the day : 6 euro cents. This is the average increase in the price of diesel in service stations for a month. According to the latest statements communicated by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, a liter of diesel was worth just over 1.88 euros per liter at the end of April. A price equivalent to its level at the beginning of March, even though fuel prices are currently benefiting from the discount of 15 centimes per liter granted by the government. As a reminder, this financial boost will end on July 31, but it could be replaced by more targeted aid, aimed at favoring workers who earn little as well as high rollers. For its part, TotalEnergies has let it be known that it is considering a discount of a few cents on fuel this summer, for its stations on the motorways.

The rant of the day is pushed by the gendarme of the bank and the insurance. According to the ACPR, the distributors of life insurance contracts do not fulfill their duty to advise the most financially fragile customers… even though life insurance is far from being the most suitable investment envelope for these audiences. First of all, the entry fees applied during deposits, sometimes 5%, require several years of savings before being “paid off”. However, in the event of a hard blow, a subscriber without precautionary savings must dip into his contract to deal with it and lose these costs on payment. In addition, subscribing to unit-linked products is not recommended for fragile customers because it exposes them to a high risk of capital loss. More information on our website.

Practical information Capital concerns the tax return of single parents. If you live alone and you assume, in whole or in part, the responsibility of your child, you can benefit from an increase in the family quotient. A boost that is not automatic and must be activated by completing your tax return. To do this, you must tick the T box in the “Single Parent” category on impots.gouv or on your paper form. You will thus benefit from an additional half share of the family quotient as a single parent. In the event of joint custody, the tax benefit is shared between parents, each benefiting from an additional quarter share. Find all the practical details on

And we end with the ras-le-bol expressed by an elected official from Moselle. On social networks, the mayor of the small town of Algrange openly attacked the increase in the cost of living by reviewing all the bills that his town has just received. The latest is gas. In January, Patrick Peron had to pay the sum of 48,000 euros, an invoice which he describes as “racket”. “We just got the gas bill […] A 394% increase in the price without greater consumption”, he describes. In one year, the mayor must simply spend 25,000 euros more. “At this rate, it is 200,000 euros of unforeseen additional expenses”, mocks the elected official, who notes that “the gas had never increased in this way”.

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