the power of Superchargers will (further) increase

Try Tesla: the power of Superchargers will (further) increase?

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The V3 Tesla Superchargers will soon see their charging power increased. Rumor has it that it will exceed 300 kW.

Before the arrival of a V4 with much greater charging power, Tesla continues to evolve its V3 Superchargers. These should soon exceed 300 kW of power, a goal that Tesla has long hoped for.

Currently, V3 Superchargers can reach 250 kW of peak charging power. The American firm had revealed that it was working on an increase to 270 or 280 kW. Last summer, Elon Musk even considered for a moment that it would be possible to quickly reach a power of 300 kW.

But since those announcements, there had been no news about it, either from Tesla or from Musk, even unofficially. It is now Sawyer Merritt, a Tesla investor, who reveals the probable update of Tesla charging stations. Merritt often has accurate information, and communicates today on an upcoming increase in charging power. According to the American, the maximum power will be 324 kW, after the update expected this year.

For V4, it is at the voltage level that the big change should take place. And this will be accompanied, in the long term, by a transition to 800 V batteries on the cars of the American brand.

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