The most expensive Tesla in the world

Is the value of the Tesla Roadster, the very first model sold by the Californian brand, soaring like the most highly rated Porsches and Ferraris?

If Tesla is currently at its level, it is partly thanks to its very first model. Appeared in 2006, the Tesla Roadster had nothing to do with the sedans and other SUVs marketed today by the Californian manufacturer. Based on a Lotus Elise chassis rid of its heat engine (replaced by an electric block and batteries) the electric sports car had convinced investors to bet on the future of Tesla. The rest, we know.

And it turns out that the value of this ” old Roadster is setting records in the collectibles market. After a Roadster sold for 190,000 dollars a few weeks ago, or 169,000 euros, another copy has just changed hands for over $250,000, i.e. more than 223,000 euros. A copy with only 1300 kilometers on the odometer, from the limited series ” Signature 100 “.

A legendary car?

Like some limited series models from Ferrari or Porsche from the same era, the Tesla Roadster therefore seems to be popular on the collector’s market. Remember that a new second-generation Roadster should join the range by next year, with much better performance than the first version.

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