The Le Graët clan plead “clumsiness” following his comments to Zidane

Faced with the indignation of Noël Le Graët’s remarks about Zinedine Zidane on Sunday at the RMC, relatives of the president of the French Football Federation (FFF) tried to explain this exit from the road.

The remarks of Noël Le Graët in the program Bartoli Time on RMC, Sunday, do not stop stirring up controversy. The president of the French Football Federation (FFF) got carried away when asked about the future of Zinedine Zidane after the extension of Didier Deschamps as coach of the French team. The former manager of the Blues has long been tipped to potentially take the job if Deschamps leaves. But according to Le Graët, that was never an option.

“I never met him, we never considered divorcing Didier, revealed Noël Le Graët in the program Bartoli Time on RMC. Some have to change or invent because they don’t know what to write and they would rather say bad than good. Honestly, I’m never surprised by those who prejudge or have far-fetched ideas.”

The chairman of the FFF assures that he did not speak to the former manager of Real, as he was quite heated on this subject. “Certainly not, I wouldn’t have even taken him on the phone, he said. I know Zidane was always there, we mustn’t tell a story. He had many supporters, some were waiting for Deschamps to leave urgently you in. But who can really blame Deschamps? No one.” He drove the point home by ensuring he had “nothing to shake” that Zidane could commit to a second choice.

“By expressing himself in this way, Noël Le Graët wanted to indicate that Zidane has the ability to go where he wants.”

The statements provoked shocked reactions from Kylian Mbappé and many other former players. Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, sports minister, demanded an apology from him. Faced with the controversy, those close to the manager called for “expressed clumsiness” in L’Equipe.

“The president has a very good relationship with Zidane, urges his entourage. They exchanged again recently during the Ballon d’Or. Noël Le Graët knows exactly what he represents in the history of French football. Speaking from In this way, Noël Le Graët wanted to indicate , that Zidane has the option to go where he wants. That all options are available to him.”

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