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Ethereum news has recently been marked by several events. However, two of them get a bit more attention. These include the advent of Ethereum 2.0 with The Merge and Ethereum mining revenues higher than those of Bitcoin.

The advent of Ethereum 2.0 with The Merge

Before developing this point in depth, it must first be remembered that initially the Beacon chain was shipped separately from Mainnet. Ethereum Mainnet continues to be secured by proof of work, even when the Beacon Chain is running in parallel using proof of stake. The Merge is when these two systems finally come together.

When ready, Ethereum Mainnet will merge with the Beacon chain, becoming its own shard that uses proof-of-stake instead of proof-of-work. Mainnet will bring the ability to execute smart contracts in the proof-of-stake system. But also, the full history and current state of Ethereum. This is to ensure a smooth transition for all ETH holders and users.

Ethereum price in real time

Ethereum beats Bitcoin on mining revenue

The growing demand for Bitcoin and Ethereum at the end of March can be considered the main factor behind the increase in mining revenue in March. As of April 2022, Bitcoin is still the largest digital asset by market capitalization. However, when it comes to mining revenue, Ethereum is the only asset that generates more revenue for miners.

Before Ethereum overtook Bitcoin in March 2022, February 2022 saw Ethereum revenue overtake bitcoin by 17%. On top of that, Ethereum mining revenue outpaced bitcoin by 20% in January 2022, 32% in December 2021, and 65% in May 2021.

It would be difficult to talk about Ethereum news without mentioning its transaction volume in February around $416 billion, while March volume was around $436 billion. Added to this is the advent of Ethereum 2.0 with The Merge which will certainly give another face to crypto.

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