the insurtech Magnolia embarks Olivier le Gallo (ex-Canal Plus and Se Loger), to kill the game?

The new provisions opened up by the Lemoine law and which will make it even easier to change borrower insurance sharpen the interests of all market players, attracted by these profitable markets and who will not have too much trouble doing better. … than the “bad students” in the class: among these, CNP Assurances has slept on its laurels for so long and imposed a poor quality of service, like many insurers. (See customer reviews on this subject, eloquent. But when will they, for example, equip themselves with callbots to manage urgent or frequent requests?)

Olivier Le Gallo, a little younger.

“The benefits of digitalization give hope that this market, which has not yet been disrupted, can grow massively,” says Olivier le Gallo. The latter, after an already solid career which has taken him from Canal Plus to Se Loger, last January took over the general management of the company created by Gérald Loobuyck, a former AIG employee who founded the store, inspired not by the beautiful texts and music of Claude François, but by the film by Paul Thomas Anderson. “In the dinners I sometimes go to when I mention the name of the company I created, everyone talks to me about Claude François, even though it’s a film that inspired me. »

OLG, discreet number ten and well aware of the subscription economy, should be joined there, from Monday May 9 by another ex-Canal Plus, from the time that the direction of the customer relations of the cable channel was a nugget, a demanding training center, through which Chloé Beauvallet, Thierry Chamouton and later Cyril Fontaine for Canal Plus Overseas passed.

Now associated with the capital of Magnolia, the graduate in marketing and econometrics has already launched a few strategic projects, including that of telephony, CRM and BPO: “We consulted recently, both to equip ourselves with a customer relationship management capable of replacing tools a bit old school that we had, to connect this to business applications. We will then have to think about the distribution of calls and review a few topics on UX and customer journeys; in this business, the fluidity of the subscription process is the key, but not the only one. Magnolia is actually a marketplace, the only player or one of the few to be an insurance wholesaler and broker at the same time and to manage the life of the contract. We practice all these trades, for which the quality of the customer experience, pre-sales, claims management, management of commercial compliance are essential”. The prospective director of operations will join Monday, May 9, in Paris and Mont-Saint Aignan, her ex-colleague. The CRC is indeed based near Rouen and boasts 80 work positions. Around a hundred positions are outsourced to another activity of the company, in health insurance. Rouen which can also celebrate the arrival of another very good specialist in the fluidity of customer journeys: Jean-Yves Heyer, the new general manager of Rouen Normandy Invest has arrived in the agglomeration of Reims – which he left recently – to attract many contact centers, to increase the density of the training offer, among other transformed projects.

Diabolocom, which had succeeded, at Se Loger, in dislodging another publisher from the place, will have the opportunity to experience a key marketing adage: when you have and have a good product, if you follow and know its customers, do they remain loyal to you? Already a supplier of Best Rates, but not of Selectra, for example, a comparator which is also eyeing this market and is in great shape, Frédéric Durand’s company has delegated its top gun of the trade to the RFQ (request for quotation): Yves Beaugarde. Can an ex-Skyrock get along with an ex-Canal?

To be continued !

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Featured photo: Tom Cruise in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia (1999)

Official photo of the Customer Experience Forum, in La Baule, third edition. We note in particular Raphaël Krivine (Axa Banque), Virginie Pons-Pascal (ING), Peter Fergus O’Brien (Teleperformance), Cyril Fontaine, Frédéric Donati (Comdata), etc… photo © credit Edouard Jacquinet

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