The incredible experimentation of solar panels on the highway

Here is the image that has been around the world for two days. Solar panels installed on a highway in South Korea. The main innovation: successfully integrating solar panels over several thousand kms and integrating a cycle path.

Lots of troublesome issues

After the diffusion of this innovation, the critics rain:

  • The idea of ​​riding a bike in the middle of cars does not interest.
  • Pollution
  • Driving for several km without being able to stop before the next exit.

Even if the idea is to be perfected, the surface of electricity production by solar panels would not encroach on the agricultural surfaces or the zones to be protected and considering the mileage of motorway in France I think that we would manage to produce as much as a nuclear plant (or several?)
And for cycle paths, nothing prohibits putting solar panels above the edges of the road where there are ersatz cycle paths. This would require providing REAL cycle paths.

A solution for cycle paths around the world?

To make certain journeys quickly I find this clever device because it is better than a miserable hallway stuck between cars and buses.
Having traveled a lot, I’m sorry that in France we don’t know how to make cycle paths. They are not sufficiently protected from vehicles, they should be out of the way, lined with trees and wide! Same observation for pedestrians in certain cities. To believe that everything is thought only for cars.

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