The image of caregivers is improving, but not their working conditions

A recent study carried out for the MNH mutual health insurance fund allows us to draw several lessons on the perception and state of health professions: the French have a rather good image of caregivers and their professions (better since the health crisis), but they also note the deterioration of their working conditions.

A better image in the opinion than four years ago

Two events recently seemed to turn the page on the Covid-19 pandemic: the arrival of a new Minister of Health (Brigitte Bourguignon) in place of Olivier Véran, and the end of the wearing of compulsory masks in public transport.

About two years after the end of the first confinement, an Odoxa survey on behalf of the Mutualité National Hospitalière (MNH), conducted among 3,000 peopledelivers a state of the perception that the French have of a health system undermined by a major health crisis.

Among the questions asked, some are particularly evocative of a certain evolution of French opinion. The image of nursing and hospital staff, for example, has considerably improved since the start of the crisis:

96% of respondents have a good opinion (very good opinion + fairly good opinion) nurses, nurses and nursing assistants, that’s 14 points more than four years ago. The same goes for doctors, who gain 20 “good opinion” points (92%) compared to 2018.

In reality, it would seem that the main grievances of the respondents do not directly concern the nursing staff, but rather the quality of their stay in the health establishment. 9 out of 10 respondents said they were treated humanely, and 8.7 said they were well understood. On the other hand, ” only “ 74% feel they were given enough time (22% saying they were given “rather not enough” of time).


Pessimistic outlook

This perception of the degradation of the services offered is also detected in a question relating to the future of our health system. Only one in three French people believe that they will be in better condition in the future, and only 7% of health professionals think so (including 5% of nurses and nursing assistants).

The latter seem more lucid about the current deterioration of their work environment: 91% believe that ” things “ have “rather tending to deteriorate” on the time they have to be able to listen to patients; 79% on their ability to heal them well. In the same vein, only 29% believe they have enough time to do their job, compared to almost half among the other workers.

However, health professionals still seem to enjoy their job more than the average working population. They are 63% to declare that they like their profession, 45% to think of exercising it for many more years, against respectively 33% and 25% for all workers. Caregivers are also twice as likely to feel they are doing useful work (66% versus 34% of the general population).

However, they consider that hospital professions are far less recognized and attractive than before. Another figure allows us to better understand this discrepancy between the perception of healthcare professions inside and outside the hospital: 55% of healthcare professionals would not recommend ” certainly not “ their son/daughter to become a caregiver (which partly explains the current shortage), while only 17% of French people would advise against this profession.

One of the five-year projects

However, the French are also affected by the degradations that affect the body of health; they say they have difficulties:

  • to 70% to get an appointment with the specialist
  • at 49% to pay for health expenses
  • at 42 to get a date generalize it
  • 34% to go to a hospital in the event of a problem

Unfortunately, the French seem to end up being pessimistic about the ability of the new government to provide solutions to the recurring challenges of the cost of health, medical desertification or the lack of investment in public hospitals.

They are certainly 55% to think the re-elected President will make health and hospital a priority, but it is 8 points less than before his election, a sign that at least some hopes have already been showered. Above all, 81% of French people and 87% of health professionals claim to be ready to mobilize on this subject: one of the executive’s crucial projects has already been identified.

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