The green insurance sticker on the way out?

Originally intended to easily verify that a vehicle was insured, the sticker could soon disappear from windshields. Explanations.

It’s an annual ritual: changing your insurance sticker behind the windshield. And that would soon be history. The France Assureurs federation, which brings together 247 companies, wants its disappearance.

Strengthen the fight against fraud

More generally, it would also be a question of removing the green card, the document received each year with the sticker to be detached and which certifies that your vehicle is insured. For the federation of insurers, these documents would simply be obsolete.

“The fight against non-insurance, for which these documents are intended, can indeed be carried out more effectively through the File of Insured Vehicles (FVA), operational since 2019”, underlines France Assureurs in a press release.

This file can be consulted by law enforcement during a check. This is what also allows checks via automatic speed cameras to also check insurance since 2019.

With the paper sticker, fraud is also considered too simple. A driver canceled by his insurance can for example continue to drive with his badge and thus remain insured in appearance.

“France is one of the last countries to require its nationals to present paper documents. For example, Germany has abolished this format since 2008. Such documents are not necessary to circulate within the country. “European Union (EU), the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. In all the countries concerned, the license plate alone is worth presumption of insurance”, recalls France Assureurs.

50 million fewer paper documents

Another advantage of switching to a car insurance proof only in digital form is the reduction of paper consumption: each year, around 50 million documents are printed and sent to French motorists each year.

Discussions started this week between insurers and the ministries concerned and there are still adjustments to be made. The next government could sign the decree enacting this end of the sticker and the green card.

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