The good pictures of Colomiers and Agen, Massy gives himself a chance… The lessons from the 16th day

PRO D2 – Colomiers and Agen made the real good moves on this Pro D2 night by integrating the top 6. Mont-de-Marsan, for its part, regained second place in the championship, while Grenoble almost fell on the turf in Provence Rugby. Massy gives himself a chance to sustain himself… Here are the lessons from this 16th day of the championship.

The agent finds the top 6

In the first period, Rouennais did not keep the advantage for long. Agen, although a bit frantic at times, managed to gain the upper hand with two tries. But when they returned from the dressing room things started to get tough for the home side who saw Rouen dangerously get back on the scoresheet thanks to a try from Fofana. The reaction was immediate for Bernard Goutta’s men, who had far too much to gain in this game to let victory slip away. In the last moments, Agen even offers the offensive bonus and therefore sits again in the top 6.

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Oyonnax increasingly powerful

Oyomen was almost surprised by today’s guests. In the first minutes of this meeting, Clément Esteriola and his teammates managed to come back to score after a first attempt by Oyonnax. 7-7 in the 12th minute of play, this was a start to the game that showed ASBH’s full character. But the Aidinois quickly regained the upper hand as they returned to the locker room with a score of 28-7. In the second half, Oyonnax played his best game and even offered a new offensive bonus. With this performance, the leader widens the distance a little more to the rest of the teams.

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Massy gives himself some air

By lining up against the Bretons, the graduates have once again shown that they have their place in this championship. This Vannes team really suffered in the first period before recovering from the game. But nothing helped, these Massicois were determined to pick up their fourth win of the season to give themselves some air. Massy remains in last place in the standings, 5 points from Soyaux-Angoulême and 7 points from 14th place, synonymous with maintaining Pro D2.

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Soyaux-Angouleme – Nevers

It was an electric encounter with many clashes, without much happening at the counter for long minutes. And finally it was Nevers who started the riot by scoring first. SAXV, dominated for a long time, nevertheless believed in it until the end by gradually catching up. The USON will still have the final say and keep their 10th place. However, Soyaux-Angoulême remains in the claws to ensure its maintenance is just two points behind Carcassonne, 13th in Pro D2.

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Mont-de-Marsan on the gong!

It was a very close game on Aurillac’s turf. The two teams delivered blows for blows, but it was the locals who held hands throughout the match. While Aurillac seemed to hold on to his victory, indiscipline put an end to all hopes. A final penalty kick from more than 40 meters and Laousse Azpiazu offered his team the victory. A success that allows Stade montois to find itself in second place in the rankings.

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Colomiers’ good operation

It was a good start for Carcassonne who managed to limit the breach at first before being completely overtaken by the much more realistic Columérins. Weak and without solutions, Audois faced well-organized visitors who were very well positioned defensively. This victory is the joy of Duen, who sits comfortably in the top 6, in 5th place in the standings. In turn, the defeats have an increasingly bitter taste on the side of Christian Labit’s men, who sink to the bottom of the table two points from the first relegation.

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Grenoble barely maintains its place at the top of the table

This game was endless! While FCG held on for victory, it was at the end of the excitement that Provence Rugby deprived the visitors of a successful day. After pounding the line for long minutes playing every penalty in hand, the locals regain two points with a draw. A necessarily disappointing draw for the Grenoble residents, who had everything to secure a victory and a more comfortable place at the top of the table.

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