The first GMOs designed with CRISPR technology marketed in Japan

DESCRIPTION – In the field of view: an improvement of crops made resistant to herbicides or with improved yield.

Food released thanks to CRISPR are already starting to hit the market”notes Jennifer Doudna, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, in her article in Science trace the first ten years of the genome-editing technology she helped develop.

She has in mind a variety of tomatoes whose nutritional qualities have been improved, as well as two species of fish: a bream that produces more meat and a puffer fish with accelerated growth, all three approved for sale in Japan. “For their part, the US envisions uses for livestock, such as cows without horns to prevent them from harming themselves, or pigs with more developed muscles”explains Éric Pailhoux, director of research at Inrae.

Closed laboratory

The future should also see an improvement in the technique of multiplex editing, which makes it possible to intervene in several places in the genome at the same time, especially in plants, emphasizes Jennifer Doudna. With, in view, an improvement of…

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