The Filecoin Foundation and Lockheed Martin are teaming up to create decentralized storage in space

Lockheed Martin and the Filecoin Foundation set out to conquer space

The space division of the armament and defense specialist, Lockheed Martinjoined the Filecoin Foundation for creating decentralized storage. Storage that will be done in space.

The technology will incorporate the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol. It is a technology, which works at like shared ledgers of a blockchain, where the same data is effectively stored on several computers around the world. This guarantees speed of execution and improved safeguarding of information.

Incidentally, the Filecoin (FIL) project is the creation of Protocol Labs, which is the origin of IPFS. It is therefore to bring this technology into space that the Filecoin Foundation and Lockheed Martin are joining forces. The first advantage is obviously space saving compared to storage on our planet, but it will also be an asset of choice for future explorations of our civilization.

Indeed, if we did a Web search from the Moon with the current system, our computer would send requests to servers based on Earth, which would cause latencies of several seconds between each operation. In contrast, with a spatial IPFS system, that same computer would find that data directly from the nearest satellite.

In addition, if a satellite were to be destroyed, the data would not be impacted, because other satellites in the network would also store it.

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A most ambitious project

This ambitious project will of course not happen overnight. However, Joe Landon, vice president of advanced program development at Lockheed Martin, is convinced of this vision of the future :

“Soon, space will no longer be just a destination. It will house the new space economy, independent of the Earth. The work we do with Filecoin reinforces an investment in building space infrastructure. We need to develop the technology to support a long-term presence in space. »

For her part, Marta Belcher, president of the Filecoin Foundation, specifies that this purpose is the very objective, of what IPFS was developed for :

“From the beginning, IPFS was envisioned as a technology, which can make interplanetary networking possible, the ‘I’ in IPFS stands for ‘interplanetary’.”

Before seeing such operational technology, several steps must however be crossed. This begins with the development of a satellite model able to accommodate the data to be stored and which meets precise specifications, to ensure compatibility between the various players in the network.

It should also be taken into account the exponential evolution of our computing power, which therefore requires correct sizing of this storage in order to make it sustainable. But by partnering with a player as important as Lockheed Martin, the Filecoin Foundation should have the financial and logistical resources to carry out this project.

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Source: Filecoin Foundation

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