The Expression: News streaming – LG Electronics reinvents the way you cook with LG NeoChef technology

LG Electronics, an essential household appliance and technological development giant, is back with an innovative technology in the field of cooking. LG NeoChef, the microwave par excellence is the reference in the culinary field at LG. It offers the latest intuitive features that enable extraordinary cooking performance. LG NeoChef: The alliance of elegance and performance! : Combination of subtlety and technology, the LG microwave is distinguished by a whole new level of technology, with a black tempered glass design and an LED display constituting the tinted front of the microwave and which is presented in a single element , the door. The NeoChef is distinguished by a sober and unique style that allows it to integrate your interior by giving a refined touch to the kitchen. The “Smart Inverter” technology of the motor, which is at the heart of the LG NeoChef microwave, offers exceptionally precise heating and defrosting performance. Unlike conventional microwaves, LG NeoChef stands out with a variable power that can reach 1200W during cooking thanks to its motor technology that offers fast, healthy and uniform cooking. The versatile microwave: With different programming modes that are distinguished by an adequate temperature and power preset, the user has a wide choice and a multitude of possibilities for perfect cooking. From defrosting to baking, the NeoChef microwave makes frying easy and healthy using HealthyFry technology while dramatically reducing fat by up to 77% less. Beyond all these performances, the LG NeoChef has an EasyClean cavity with a hygienic anti-bacterial coating (99.99%) of bacteria destroyed, the EasyClean cavity is impermeable to grease which offers cleaning twice as fast as a classic conventional microwave.

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