the epidemic remains high in france, which are the departments where it is most intense?


The indicators remain at a high level

Last week, the number of consultations for influenza-like illness estimated from data from the Sentinelles network was 286 per 100,000 inhabitants, a decrease from the previous week (385 per 100,000, i.e. – 26%). This downward trend was observed in all age groups, except for those aged 65 and over.

The proportion of flu-like illnesses among SOS Doctors consultations had also decreased last week (18% vs. 25.4%, i.e. – 7.4 points) in all age groups except among those aged 65 and over, where it was stable (10.3% versus 10.5%). .

In hospitals, last week the SPF observed a decrease in the number of visits to the emergency room for influenza or influenza-like syndrome (14,072 against 19,361 the previous week, i.e. – 27%), except among people aged 65 and over (+10)%). The number of admissions after passage increased slightly (2,885 vs. 2,802 or +3%) for all ages, but was particularly marked among people aged 65 and over (+18%).

The proportion of hospitalizations for influenza or influenza-like illness among all hospitalizations was globally stable last week (44 per 1,000 versus 41.8 per 1,000 the previous week), increasing among those under 5 and those 65 and over decreasing in others age groups. Compared with data from the 2015-16 to 2021-22 seasons, the activity of influenza/influenza-like illness among hospitalizations after being in the emergency room was still increasing and remained at a very high level of intensity, emphasizes Public Health France.

In the emergency room, the flu mobilizes

In our map below, you can find the number of visits for influenza to the emergency room, out of 10,000 visits, in the departments, between December 26, 2022 and January 1, 2023. The rates are particularly very high in the Paris region (4 departments) in the top 10 ). In the south-west, it is in Charente-Maritime (571) that the number of visits for influenza to emergencies is the highest (10th rate in France), ahead of Lot-et-Garonne (478) and Landes (357).

The 10 departments where this rate was the highest last week are:

1 – Val d’Oise 818.7

2 – Val-de-Marne 818.5

3 – Seine-Saint-Denis 744.7

4 – Alpes-de-Haute-Provence 732.7

5 – North 624.3

6 – Hauts-de-Seine 622.6

7 – Bouches-du-Rhône 610.2

8 – Total 578.2

9 – Channel 575.6

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