the employees of the Berlin factory would be paid too little

According to a German union, employees of the Tesla factory in Berlin would be paid 20% less than the competition.

Always, You’re here oscillates between success and controversy, while the brand of Elon Musk is scrutinized by observers around the world. After the taxi accident that took place in Paris a few weeks ago, the Californian manufacturer is once again under fire from critics, this time for a completely different reason, which is not directly related to its vehicles. Indeed, and while the construction of the gigafactory of Berlin has just ended, Elon Musk has to face a new difficulty that he probably hadn’t thought of: the unions. Much more active and virulent than in the United States, these have already pinned Tesla, even though German production has not started.

Salaries too low

In question ? Wages deemed far too low for IG Metall, one of the largest unions in Germany. The latter has just opened a branch near the Grünheide factory, and should then be better able to support and defend the approximately 1,800 employees already hired for the manufacture of the Model 3 and Model Y. Except that there is a problem: according to the German union, these new employees would not be paid enough. Indeed, their fixed salary would be 20% lower than with competing manufacturers. Nevertheless, stock options and other bonuses replace the traditional bonuses.

A way of doing things that bothers Birgit Dietze, representative of IG Metall, who points out that it will therefore be difficult for employees to know precisely how much they will be paid each month, as stock options then vary continuously. It remains to be seen whether Elon Musk will agree to listen to the unions and align with the competition…

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