the electric car cheaper than the thermal?

While sales of electric cars have exploded in recent months, the comparator lesfurets has taken an interest in insurance prices.

The rise of the electric car naturally impacts all the associated services. Insurance is no exception. While requests for quotes for thermal vehicles have been falling for 2 years, the specialized comparator has noted a 91% increase in requests for electric vehicles.

Overall lower prices for electricity

Based on the millions of quotes made via its platform, the comparator observes that the prices of insurance for an electric car are generally lower than for thermal cars. It will take an average of €405/year for third-party insurance for an electric car and €670/year for all risks. This is less than the national average, respectively announced at 534 and 823 €/year by the comparator.

An observation that remains to be qualified, however, since everything will depend on the model to be insured. In its press release, the comparator gives several examples with sometimes surprising results.

Having become the best-selling electric car in France this year, the Tesla Model 3 is doing well. Both third-party and comprehensive, the American sedan is much cheaper to insure than a BMW Serie 3.

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In the city car segment, the trend is the opposite. Third, the Peugeot e-208 and the Renault ZOE are slightly more expensive to insure with an additional cost estimated between 8 and 15%. In all risks, the values ​​fly away. The electric 208 shows an additional cost of almost 20% while the ZOE climbs to almost 40%. The difference is amazing. But once again, remember that these figures come from an average of all the quotes made and not from a particular profile.

In reality, these figures are difficult to compare, because the composition of the price of insurance combines vehicle values, risk profiles and very different uses. Indeed, if we put aside the profile of the drivers and the use of the vehicle, the market value of the latter also has a strong impact on the rates. The more expensive a vehicle is, the higher the insurance premium will be. But there is no absolute rule and each insurer has specific criteria for determining the vehicle insurance premium. recalls Rami Karam, Managing Director of the comparator lesfurets.

And you? What is the cost of insurance for your electric car? Owner of ZOE, do you pay as much for your all-risk insurance? Feel free to give your opinion in the comments. And if you are thinking of changing insurance, do not hesitate to make a quote via our comparator…

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