the doctor, the vaccine, the health insurance, the patients and a controversy

Annie has been a general practitioner in Bédarieux, in Hérault, since 1995. Health Insurance has just sent her a letter informing her that she has been removed from the national file of health professionals since October 16, 2021 and that the organization had therefore registered the cessation of his liberal activity. But why ?

In this medical desert that are the Hauts-cantons of Hérault, north of Béziers, this decision had the effect of a bombshell on Annie’s patients. She had 1,500 before her suspension by ARS Occitanie.

Because Annie is one of these 1,400 doctors suspended in France, including 22 in Occitania, in application of the Covid vaccination obligation for caregivers, which came into force on October 16, 2021, after the vote on the law of August 5, 2021, relating to the health crisis.

On October 16, 2021, for lack of vaccination against Covid, Annie was suspended and since then she can no longer practice her profession as a doctor. She thought it was temporary.

The letter from ARS Occitanie in October was clear, I was suspended because I did not have a vaccination pass. So I respected that decision. But at just 60, I thought I would resume my activity as a rural doctor at least until I was 65 or 67. But here, I am struck off. I can no longer work.

Annie Labadie, former general practitioner in Bédarieux.

She had to part with her secretary and the maintenance staff because since this suspension, she no longer has any income.

And Annie to add: “What will become of my patients? Do you realize, they asked me to remove my doctor’s plate from the front of the cabinet, to destroy the documents containing my professional health insurance number and my treatment sheets… It is unfair !”.

So this week, she warned her patients. Shocked to lose their doctor, they decided to create a collective in support of Annie.

After a petition in favor of Annie in October, which collected more than 600 signatures, a collective of support was formed. Its members intend to alert elected officials and bring back the Health Insurance on this decision which they consider hasty and unfair.

A rally was organized in Bédarieux on Friday. In the crowd, Annie’s patients who don’t understand.

“We need doctors in rural areas like here. Especially since there are many elderly patients. We don’t care whether she is vaccinated or not. She’s not sick, that’s all” explains a septuagenarian.

The mayor of Bédarieux is angry, first because he is fighting to keep 4 doctors in his town but also because Annie is his family doctor.

The doctor has hired a lawyer and she intends to take the case to court.

Asked by France 3, the ARS Occitane gave us a quantified point.

As of April 15, 2022, 22 doctors in Occitanie have been banned from practicing, following the law on the health crisis, out of a total of 11,750 liberal doctors in the region.
Only one doctor is affected by this ban out of the 4,460 who practice in the Hérault.

In addition, 269 liberal health professionals were banned from practicing in Occitania, including 45 in Hérault, for lack of a valid vaccination pass.

For memory, “the vaccination obligation for health professionals (LOI n° 2021-1040 of August 5, 2021), but also for students of the health professions is justified both to protect future caregivers, because of possible contact with patients susceptible to to be carriers of germs, in particular in health establishments, but also to protect patients from caregiver-patient contamination” explains the High Council of Public Health.
The ban on the exercise of the professional activity ends as soon as the conditions necessary for the exercise of the activity are met.

On the move in the Hautes-Pyrénées, this Friday, Emmanuel Macron opened the door to a possible lifting of the vaccination pass for nursing and medico-social staff and therefore to their reintegration, particularly in hospitals. 15,000 caregivers are concerned in France.

This decision is however conditional on a continued decline in cases of Covid contamination and the incidence rate.

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