the controller will be Bluetooth compatible, Google promises an update

Stadia is only a few days away, but Google isn’t done with its cloud gaming service. The American giant offered a final gift to users of the platform and also gave good news about the controller.

Google officially announced it last September: Stadia will close its doors on January 18, just under a week from now. The company has since refunded most players for game and hardware purchases, including controllers and Chromecasts, as it promised when the platform launched.

While Stadia’s days are numbered, Google wanted to offer one last gift to gamers on the platform. They can now take advantage of a little free game: Worm Game. Stadia says this is the first game that was playable on the cloud gaming service even before it officially launched in November 2019. this is not the only surprise that has just been announced by the company.

The Stadia controller will be Bluetooth compatible

Since the announcement of the closure of the service, gamers have been wondering what they could do with the Stadia controller. The latter was primarily able to connect to the platform via your Wi-Fi connection, but it was also possible to use it as a classic controller in wired mode on other devices.

The problem is that the cable greatly limits the possibilities of playing your favorite games, which is why gamers have long insisted that Google allow its controller to connect to other devices via Bluetooth. It finally took until January for Google to announce the good news: an update is planned.

More precisely, Google reveals that a self-service tool will be released next week so you can update your controller yourself. Google promises to communicate more details regarding the activation of the feature in the coming days. Stadia ended up being a very good deal for gamers as they got all their expenses refunded and now they have a controller and a Chromecast offered by Google.

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