The connected swimming pool: easy to live with and maintain with Pool Technologie

For the swimming pool to be a source of pleasure and only pleasure, automation systems are increasingly being used in this area of ​​the house. Automation thanks to new technologies further simplifies the use and maintenance of the pool, for a truly comfortable user experience.

A complete range of modular solutions, in partnership with Solem

The manufacturer Pool Technologie has developed a complete range of modular solutions for this purpose, in partnership with Solem. From a simple float to a connected swimming pool kit, the e-Pool® Connect range allows remote control of swimming pool equipment with complete peace of mind.

  • e-Pool® Connect and e-Pool® Connect VS are composed of 2 modules intended to make the technical room communicating: the connected clock and the relay antenna. The first intelligently controls filtration, water treatment and 2 auxiliaries (heat pump, projectors, robot…). It is easy to install and configure with Pool Technology devices. Thanks to the integrated IPX exchange protocol, all the manufacturer’s devices equipped with Bluetooth (Justsalt®billiard team®…) communicate with the control module located in the technical room. On the dedicated mobile application, the user can access the parameters, settings and information on his pool, facilitating daily maintenance. The e-Pool® VS version is specially adapted for variable speed pump filtration.
  • For its part, the connected floater continuously analyzes the parameters of the pool water (pH, ORP, temperature) and signals any anomaly to the user in real time through notifications and any corrective actions to be taken.
  • Conversely, the indoor analyzer connects directly to the hydraulic system of the pool room. It measures and analyzes the quality of the water, its flow in the pipeline. The history of measurements and alarms is kept on the application and the web platform.
  • The filter pressure analysis module, equipped with several safeties, alerts the user in the event of a pressure fault (under or overpressure) or automatic washing to be carried out.

This auxiliary equipment must be connected to a relay antenna, to transmit the analyzed data. Data that is collected in real time by the MyINDYGO application and the web platform, free and without subscription.

From the web interface, the professional has the possibility of controlling his entire fleet of swimming pools, carrying out a remote diagnosis and optimizing his visits to customers. It thus offers an innovative and complementary service, a lever for the loyalty of its customers.

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