the cableless Hi-Fi/WiFi cable, ultimate audiophile transmission technology

Has Chord Company found the recipe for the ultimate cable, the one that will definitively agree the most music-loving audiophiles? It’s possible. Forget about 99.9999999999% pure copper, cryonics, silver cable, beryllium platings or Litz cables, the future is in cableless wired transmission.

You had to think about it!

It sounds silly when you say it, but the problem with an analog cable is that the signal necessarily suffers losses when going from point A to point B. Yes! Any connector, any material, any structure generates resistance, inductance and capacitance effects.
These horrible problems make it more than ever normal and justified to sell cables at 1000 euros per meter (even 10,000 for the most musical ones) as the science and research necessary upstream is complex and serious. There is no place for clowns and charlatans in this market!

But as qualitative as the most top-of-the-range cables are, they remain subject, even to a lesser degree, to problems related to electrical transmission.
Chord Company has once again shown ingenuity and has just unveiled its new C-thru, which manages to completely eliminate the problem of the transmission. To do this, the manufacturer has developed a revolutionary cableless cable technology, which is based on the latest version of its ARAY system: the InvisARAY. For the user, only connectors, seemingly simple RCA, are present. Just plug them into the RCA inputs of the two devices to be linked.

Via the use of WiFi lossless transmission, the wireless C-thru cable carries a signal without degradation or coloration. What find an authentic quality, such as the artist would have wanted. The bass is thus tighter, the mids more fruity, the high frequencies more acute, the details more numerous and the soundstage more holographic. We hope to one day find a version of the C-thru capable of replacing Ethernet-type digital cables (by coupling them to an audiophile switch, for example).
Chord Company demonstrates that there is still room for innovation in the field. The C-thru are already available on the brand’s website, only payable in cryptocurrency unfortunately, due to very limited stocks.

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