The BUT, the new university degree that leads to employment

With the overhaul of the IUT’s flagship diploma, the DUT which has become the GOAL in three years, 50% of young graduates should join the job market, 50% continue their studies. Professional integration directly after the university bachelor’s degree in technology will remain easy: the needs of middle managers are glaring in many sectors. Professional opportunities almost assured with GOAL!

Re-professionalize the IUT flagship diploma. This is the objective of the new three-year university bachelor’s degree in technology (BUT) which succeeded the 2021-2022 academic year to the university diploma in technology (DUT) which was prepared in two years. What to do after a GOAL? How will the entry into active life be tomorrow after a GOAL? We take stock.

Record professional integration rates approaching 90% after a DUT

The first class of BUT graduates will graduate in 2024. It is estimated that 50% of them should enter the labor market directly and 50% continue on to long-term studies.

Until now, on obtaining their DUT diploma, approximately 85% of students continued their studies and only 15% joined the labor market. For DUT graduates entering directly into employment, the integration rates remained excellent : thus despite the economic impact of the health crisis, 88% of 2017 graduates were in employment 18 months after obtaining their diploma and 90% at 30 months.

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The GOAL: a professionalizing diploma designed in part with the economic world

These excellent integration results even in difficult times should continue and improve further after the overhaul of the diploma.”The BUT was designed to be a professionalizing diploma”, observes Franck Bordas, the president of the National Union of IUT Presidents (INPIUT). The pedagogy of the new undergraduate degree has been reviewed in the light of this priority given back to professional integration.

The programs have been completely rewritten in this sense: “With the BUT, we switched to a complete rewriting of the IUT programs. These are no longer programs with a list of knowledge to acquire but programs reorganized by blocks of skills and this is also a way of bringing the two worlds closer together”, explains Anne-Sophie Barthez, Director General of Higher Education and Professional Integration (Dgesip).

If two-thirds of BUT’s programs are national, the last third can be used for stick to the local needs of industries or services in their employment area.

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In BUT, 24 specialties and 85 courses to become professional

The models of new GOAL thus give more space to internships whose duration has been increased and work-study which is encouraged because it facilitates professional integration. Legal careers, Marketing techniques, IT… If the 24 specialties remain, 85 courses are now offered for a progressive professionalization of students.

“The BUT is a university degree that sticks to the reality of the economic world. We keep the DNA of the IUTs but the skills repository was built with the actors of the socio-professional world” specifies Corinne Daugan, teacher at the IUT of Paris Rives-de-Seine. Nearly 25% of lessons are also provided by professionals.

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Digitization, ecological transition, reindustrialization: the GOAL in line with the economic needs of tomorrow

“The IUTs intend to meet the needs of digitization of the economy, both in the field of services and industry”, pleads Martial Martin. “We need to attract more young people to these digital sectors”. Graduates of BUT Informatique or BUT MMI (Multimedia and Internet professions) or BUT STID (Statistics and business intelligence) will not be unemployed!

Another challenge for graduates of industry-oriented BUT specialties: reindustrialize the country to restore France’s industrial sovereignty while respecting the environment. To develop low-carbon factories, industry will need middle managers trained in IUTs. Graduates of the Civil Engineering and Sustainable Construction GOAL or the Energy Transition and Efficiency Careers GOAL will be highly sought after (MT2E).

A key job after a GOAL for those who wish to enter working life

All in all, whatever the specialty prepared in the secondary or tertiary sector, the BUT is a diploma that will ensure your professional future! No difficulty in finding a job if you will be one of the 50% of BUT graduates who want to enter working life rather than continue your studies.

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