The blockchain, a new way to fight counterfeit fraud?

DIGITAL – 2,800 fake tickets scanned during the Champions League final according to the French Football Federation and UEFA, a “significant risk of fake tickets” for rapper Jul’s concert in Marseille this Saturday, June 4, alerts the prefecture. .. Counterfeits during matches or shows are a real scourge for the cultural and sports industry. Information storage technology could put an end to this.

Sports Minister Amélie Oudéa-Castéra mentioned the solution during her hearing in the Senate following the fiasco at the Stade de France: the blockchain. Best known in the world of cryptocurrencies, it “guarantees that the tickets are tamper-proof”, assured the minister. She even speaks of a “necessary innovation in ticketing” to avoid fraud.

How it works? In the context of concerts or sporting events, no more barcodes or paper tickets, everything happens electronically. A digital nominative ticket is purchased. This makes it possible to have a unique identifier for each ticket.

Thanks to the blockchain, where the information is transparent, the organizer has access to the history of transactions and the identity of the buyer. He can also regulate resale conditions by setting prices, or even prohibit resale and authorize returns in the event of an impediment.

Ed Sheeran’s concert as a crash test

This technology is “particularly useful for the aftermarket. It makes it possible to certify that the person has resold a real ticket, that it is not a duplicate or a duplicate”, explains to the Huffpost Adli Takkal-Bataille, president of the Cercle du Coin association, which specializes in bitcoin and blockchains.

Fraudsters are therefore limited in their actions. They can no longer buy tickets en masse to resell them at exorbitant prices, or even reproduce the same ticket several times before pocketing the money and disappearing. With the blockchain, the authentication QR code can be resold but cannot be multiplied as is the case when sending by email or printing tickets by malicious people.

Amélie Oudéa Castéra has promised rapid development to achieve this more secure system. “We are going to innovate, we are going to try from the next concert which takes place at the Stade de France with Ed Sheeran to introduce electronic ticketing with this blockchain component”, she declared to the Senate (at 2 hours 33 minutes 30 seconds in the video above). The English singer, who will be in Paris at the end of July, had announced the implementation of this system for his new tour, in order to fight against the black market.

The blockchain already used by UEFA

“It’s the same system as train or plane tickets. But this new digital ticket is inviolable, because it is linked to the viewer’s mobile phone and therefore to their phone number. It is not possible to print the ticket on paper nor to take a screenshot of the QR Code, because the latter says dynamic will not work on the scanners at the entrance to the show”, explained David Rotschild, of Olympia Prod, at the time. Parisian.

If this is a first in the entertainment world, this technology has already been used for football matches during Euro 2016 at Wembley, organized by UEFA. It is also because of the European body which “has accepted that there is not exclusive use of the mobile application” that many counterfeit tickets were in circulation at the Stade de France, denounced the Minister of Sports.

This last statement remains difficult to prove, but one thing is certain, many organizations and companies are interested in this new technology to fight against fraud. Will the blockchain soon leave the world of cryptocurrencies to find use in consumer domains?

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