The best Podcasts to learn about the electric vehicle

If the electric ones are multiplying, it is logical that the contents with regard to them also take on importance. In this article, we present our favorite podcasts on electrics. Clean automobile, Fingers in the socket, Tesla Mage and Tesla News France, ahead for a (re)discovery!

clean automobile

Already fifteen podcasts published on various and varied subjects, with quality speakers (Alain Rolland, CEO of E stations even spoke in an episode!), AP sets the bar very high. There is always a very short summary / summary below each podcast. This makes it possible to specify the topics covered and to make enthusiasts like you and me want to dive into them.

AP returns every fortnight to the news that has marked the world of electric vehicles. All topics of interest are covered in depth there, like their articles, you will not be disappointed with the quality of the podcasts. The must-haves: they are available to listen to on all platforms and can be listened to during a recharge!

From now on, there is no longer any need to wait idly, not knowing what to do with your precious time while recharging your car. Listen to a podcast like that of AP and you will see, in addition to passing more quickly, your time will allow you to keep up to date with the news. In addition, you will always learn more about electricity, through interviews and testimonials in particular.

Fingers in the socket

Les Doigts Dans La Prize is the first automotive podcast that “does not put diesel in its cornflakes in the morning” to use the words of the founder. Indeed, the idea of ​​this unique podcast is to deal with topics related to electricity and this, in a playful tone. It is therefore an educational talk show on the electric car, the autonomous car, but also all the new means of mobility, electric and connected. If you want to vary the objects of your curiosity, this podcast offers you the necessary manna.

Something to entertain you because Cédric Ingrad, its presenter, discusses new developments related to green means of mobility. Sometimes, tests are carried out and the feedback presented on this same Internet platform. Thus, you have the impression of being immersed in electrical experiences, for a most stimulating listening experience!

There are 2 seasons, a priori of 7 episodes each (this is the number for the 1st at least). Since the end of 2020, this podcast has been responsible for both entertaining you and teaching you about the world of electricity. Whether it’s intox on EVs, their price, their battery or facts that are both diverse and extraordinary (“In Dijon, 200 Tesla in the same parking lot!”), this podcast will surprise you.

Tesla magazine

A newcomer to the world of podcasting, Tesla Mag is also launching: 3 podcasts to its credit and many to come. The idea is to stand out by analyzing both current events and substantive issues. The podcast does not focus on one theme per listening but on the contrary promotes diversity. For the curious like you, it’s a real gold mine in the making.

The topics covered can obviously respond to each other and all have one thing in common: the passion for electricity. So far, Tesla Mag has shared the experience of a Tesla multi-owner and discussed self-driving cars from Tesla and Uber. Without forgetting to reveal what revelations concerning the Tesla Model 2, the increase in Model 3 prices by country and recharging in Brittany! So you want to learn more?

As you can see, nothing was left to chance, thank you for supporting us for this new format! Feel free to share our podcasts and leave us your opinion in the comments so that the topics covered are those that interest YOU.

News Tesla UK

Tesla News France is the channel that keeps you up to date with the latest news from Tesla, Elon Musk, SpaceX and many other “super cool” topics. For all fans of Tesla, its founder and his new projects, each crazier than the next, this is an essential discovery! With more than 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, it’s a great success. This figure speaks for itself and illustrates the quality of the videos.

Finally, there is something for everyone: playlists on autonomous driving, SpaceX, Elon Musk, Starlink, Neuralink, Tesla (News),… Enough to broaden your horizons! Always learning more allows you to become more enlightened about the electric that represents the future. His latest podcast: “Why are gas-powered cars doomed to disappear?” illustrates this idea and is particularly interesting to listen to.

Our TOP 4 podcasts to listen to and re-listen to infinity, treat yourself and do not hesitate to recommend others!

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