The arrival of 4680 cells is becoming clearer, the price of Tesla soon to drop?

4680 battery cells are expected to play a crucial role in Tesla’s future. Elon Musk will be delighted to learn that those of Panasonic are soon ready.

Since their presentation in the summer of 2020, the 4680 cells have been waiting for Tesla. The firm had explained that it needed this technology for certain models such as the Semi and the Cybertruck.

But the potential of the 4680 goes much further, since it will allow Tesla to gain in energy density. These new cells can therefore be found on models already in production.

We know in particular that the Model Y will be able to perfectly integrate battery packs including the 4680. The new chassis structure of the electric SUV will lend itself to this more.

Thus, the latest information from Panasonic will reassure the firm of Elon Musk. The battery producer will indeed send samples to Tesla soon. In addition, the Japanese manufacturer confirms that the production of its 4680 will be able to start in May 2023.

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In parallel with their development, Panasonic plans to build new production buildings. This will make it possible to start manufacturing the cells as soon as possible next year.

These new structures will be located within the Wakayama complex, where Panasonic is developing the cells. In addition, the firm could set up a cell factory in the United States.

A beneficial effect on the price of Tesla?

The two firms are collaborating on this project, and it is said that the automaker is satisfied with its progress. For the moment, Tesla certifies that the 4680 meets the expected standards.

Ultimately, these cells could have a beneficial effect on the price of the manufacturer’s electric cars. Indeed, prices have exploded in recent weeks for the brand’s models.

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Tesla’s cheapest car, the Model 3, saw its new value increase by 11,000 euros in a few weeks. Now, the electric sedan exceeds 50,000 euros, before applying the bonus.

The 4680 battery cells could thus come to the rescue of Tesla to control its prices. Because if Elon Musk wanted to use them for his future $25,000 electric car, they could actually allow the Model 3 to be kept at prices that Tesla initially boasted.

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