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The “first price” Tesla for sale on is far from being an entry-level model! We are still talking about a Model S 85 of more than 350 hp! It can reach 100 km/h in just over 5 seconds while allowing more than 400 km per charge! Speaking of charging, the current owner even announces transferring the free charging on the brand’s Superchargers to the future buyer! A strong selling point…

For just over a hundred additional euros, your future Tesla Model S 85 could go from black to red and lose almost 50,000 km on the clock. On the other hand, no announcement of free Superchargers, but still more than 400 km of autonomy and the performance of a sports car.

For less than 50,000 €, it is possible to buy a Model S which is externally almost identical to the current generation. On the other hand, it is “only” a 75 D. Understand that it has a 75 kWh battery for an official range of just over 400 km. It is also equipped with two motors to make it a 4 wheel drive reaching 100 km/h in 5.4 s.

Just like the previous Model S, it is a 75 D, mid-range car in 2017. But the differences between the versions are only noticeable in terms of performance. All Model S are indeed equipped with a huge central screen of 17 inches and a second which replaces the instrumentation!

Don’t be put off by a Tesla’s miles. Like all electric cars, their mechanics are reliable because they are made up of few moving parts. As for the batteries, the brand guarantees that they retain at least 70% of their capacity after 8 years or 240,000 km on the Model S and X! No worries on that side…

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