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[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] The French company Faveod recently entered the Top 500 Growth Champions 2022 by Les Échos (181st) and the Top 1,000 Growth Champions in Europe by the Financial Times for its Faveod Designer® technology. This development technology allows the user to design and produce software, of which he will be the sole owner. Alice Jéru and Yann Azoury, co-founders of Faveod, explain to us what the challenges of this technology are.

What is Faveod Designer® technology?

Alice Jéru: This technology makes it possible to design and produce large-scale software, with unequaled advantages, starting with the speed of development. All repetitive tasks are automated to save developers time. The source code of the entire software is produced instantaneously and without error. Such speed makes it possible to be hyper-agile. Thus, developers can even design digital solutions directly during workshops with customers. This is an unprecedented approach on the software market!

Yann Azoury: Faveod Designer® makes it possible to be more in line with customer expectations. They can indeed obtain the software they want, whatever the level of complexity or specificity of their need, since the software is 100% custom-made. The Faveod Designer® technology is aimed at large accounts, all business sectors combined. Our main clients are ministries (such as the Ministry of Solidarity and Health) and CAC 40 companies. They have complex needs and cybersecurity and performance issues.

How is software cybersecurity ensured?

AJ: Cybersecurity best practices are already taught at the core of Faveod Designer® technology. When the software is produced, these rules are automatically integrated into 100% of the source code: this would be impossible to do by hand! In addition, it is possible to rely solely on Open Source technologies, with a completely open choice of hosting. A French customer who so wishes can therefore be hosted on servers in France.

What sets you apart from other software vendors?

YA: Our business model is different: the customer does not no subscription or license to pay. This is an essential economic advantage, since the software designed is aimed at millions of people. However, complying with economic constraints gives rise to significant costs, to the detriment of other budgets provided by customers. With its economic model, Faveod therefore encourages them to value innovation and the response to new needs.

How does your solution simplify software development?

YA: Software publishers usually impose their architecture, their operating system and their tools. However, this model is complex, since each element requires technical knowledge to be able to use it. At Faveod, the product software adapts to the client’s objective. Software can be rewritten instantly, regardless of technical constraints.

AJ: Let’s take the example of the core software of an information system. If it is based on a language in which a security vulnerability is detected, it can be extremely complex to repair it in the traditional way, that is to say by hand. On the other hand, this task becomes easier when software has been developed with Faveod Designer® technology. If language A is “defective”, simply indicate that you want to work on another version (language B): all source code is rewritten accordingly and the security flaw is circumvented.

YA: This is how Faveod guarantees its customers total transparency on their software. They remain the owners of their software and masters of their decisions.

Can you give us application examples?

YA: In particular, we took part in the implementation of the alimony reform. Its purpose is to ensure the payment of all alimony, by assigning a role of financial intermediation to the Family Allowance Funds. Capgemini teams developed the software in 2020, using Faveod Designer® technology. It has been officially in production since early 2021 and continues to evolve. This project was executed quickly, even though three ministries are involved: the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice.

AJ: The software was built little by little, over the application decrees voted in the National Assembly. It was therefore necessary to be very agile to follow the parliamentary rhythm, hence the interest of a technology like ours. Faveod Designer® technology was also used to design SNCF rail incident management software. It is able to warn stakeholders, including the authorities, and allow traffic to resume as quickly as possible. It also informs travelers more quickly in the event of an incident. At the time, the president of the SNCF Guillaume Pepy had also followed this project.

YA: Another example, we supported a telephone operator who encountered difficulties with financial software. The response times were too long, which complicated the work of the collaborators. The faulty part was then recoded with our technology, thus achieving much better performance.

According to you, what are the expectations of companies today in terms of software?

AJ: Our customers are increasingly concerned with challenges of cybersecurity. In the current geopolitical context, there is a real questioning around the digital sovereignty !

YA: Added to this problems of adequacy to the needs of the users. Companies wish to design IT tools adapted to the needs of their employees, in order to retain their talents by offering them a serene work environment. They therefore need good software, secure and in compliance with the law (especially at the level of the GDPR).

Companies are also sensitive to cost reduction supervising their software, in order to be able to launch other projects in parallel. Finally, the concept of sustainability (as promised by Faveod) is essential, because these tools must be profitable over time.

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