Thanks to ChatGPT, Microsoft wants you to ditch Google Search for Bing

If you follow the news about new technologies, you have surely heard about ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI. This language model is capable of generating written content independently. This tool opens up a song with almost endless possibilities in many areas.

ChatGPT comes to Bing

Less well known, however, is that Microsoft has invested in OpenAI since 2019. The tech giant is also preparing according to The informationto launch a new version of its Bing search engine, which could well overshadow Google.

You should also know that some GPT features are already included in Bing. This is especially the case for automatic suggestions during searches. Similarly, the Dall-E 2 tool, also developed by OpenAI, should soon be integrated into Bing Image Creator. It will then be enough to write a description in writing to generate an artistic creation or image that you need.

Next March, Bing should step up a gear by integrating certain aspects of ChatGPT directly into the search engine. Specifically, when you make a request, a complete response sentence will then be written. Importantly, it would be fetched, which ChatGPT currently does not.

However, Bing will not abandon its search algorithm overnight. And as our colleagues point out, ChatGPT isn’t really designed to search the web for new information. However, given the scale of its database, AI would be able to answer many questions that internet users ask themselves. We also know that ChatGPT won’t be free forever, so this addition would be a definite advantage against rival Google in the future.

Google must respond to ChatGPT

The Mountain View company has also sensed the danger very well. As we explained to you last month, a code red was declared at Google in light of the ChatGPT threat, which could eventually render its main source of revenue obsolete.

Google’s boss, Sundar Pichai, has also chained meetings on this topic. Finally, the teams of the Tech giant will be called upon to work on a new AI that could be presented in May 2023. The company has many talents and one can imagine that it is able to provide an alternative that is credible to ChatGPT, but only time. will tell.

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