Test of the new kind of headphones from the Shokz brand

I present to you today the OpenComm, a new kind of headphones based on bone conduction technology. Let’s see it all together.

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At a time when we talk more and more about in-ear headphones and active noise cancellation, some brands decide to opt for another way of seeing and this is the case of Shokz with its bone conduction headphones like the OpenComm which I am talking to you about today.

OpenComm video presentation

What is bone conduction?

Bulk, the sound is not sent to the eardrums in the traditional way but via vibrations through the cheekbones to arrive directly in the inner ear. This has the effect of relieve the inside of the ears for anyone who doesn’t like having something in or on their ear. But it also allowsincrease your security because you remain aware of your surroundings. And finally, it allows more hygiene because nothing fits in your ear.


Everything you need but be careful not to lose the charger

For this first test, I therefore had the opportunity to test the brand new model with the OpenComm intended for listening to music on a daily basis but also for hands-free use on calls whether at home, in the car or at work. I will soon present the OpenRun Pro in a later test.

An ultra light quality product

Upon unpacking, we find the OpenComm in a protective case with user manual and charger. What is immediately striking is the lightness of OpenComm. With only 33 grams, as much to tell you that you can hardly feel them in your hands. Pairing is very easy by pressing and holding the + button for 5 seconds and searching for the device with your smartphone, tablet or PC. We fix them on the ears and go.


One of a kind

2 small remarks at this stage. First of all the OpenComm loader is specific so I advise you to store it carefully because otherwise, no way to charge your headphones. The second thing is that OpenComms attach more easily to some heads than othersproviding more comfort when it stays fixed on the back of the head.

A technology that will divide

I prefer to tell you right away, I’m not personally not a fan of bone conduction at the moment. Quite simply because I prefer my classic headphones and the vibration bothers me. On the other hand, whether it’s my brother-in-law or my best friend (who adopted OpenComm), they love them.


A design like no other, that’s for sure

At the level of sound quality, I think some songs work much better than others with this technology. For example, where a piece of Nirvana passes very well, certain very powerful voices are more muffled and sometimes seem in aquarium mode. In contrast, the call quality is really top and that’s the main thing we ask for here. Whether listening or talking, the sound is super clear and your interlocutor will hear you perfectly. The only thing some may complain about is the low volume, especially in noisy environments.

Sufficient battery life, especially with fast charging

At the level of autonomy, the OpenComms offer up to 16 hours of autonomy (8 hours of autonomy in bidirectional mode). After 5 minutes of charging, you will benefit from 2 hours of additional use when it will take 60 minutes for a full charge.

My opinion in brief on OpenComm

The OpenComm headphones from Shokz clearly offer a different experience that I really recommend you try. at least one time. Not necessarily intended for everyone, this technology however, offers certain advantages in terms of safety and hygiene. If you are looking for a headset for all your calls and you can’t stand a big headset or headphones in your ears, this product is for you, all for 169 euros.

See you very soon for the sports model test.

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