Tesla’s new gadget in its cars

For fans of large screens in cars (and there are obviously a lot of them), Tesla now offers to make them fully adjustable.

If all car manufacturers now offer large touch screens in the center of the dashboard of their cars, it is probably in large part thanks to Tesla which installed such a tool in 2011 on its very first Model S. Since , the size and technology of this central screen have never stopped increasing whether on the Model S or the recent Model 3 and other Model Y.

And on the occasion of the major restyling of the Model S and X, for which we are still waiting to know the prices in France, Tesla is installing new equipment on board: a system for adjusting the central screen, allowing it to be oriented towards the driver (or possibly towards the passenger as well).

Really useful ?

It is currently unknown whether this is an option or standard equipment on the latest Model X and S but knowing Tesla’s policy, the second possibility seems the most likely. Remember, however, that on these models, the main driving information is projected onto the instrument cluster screen.

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