Tesla’s chief designer isn’t super excited about Apple’s products

Tesla executives like to tickle Apple from time to time. In 2015, Elon Musk launched a murderous pike at Apple which multiplied (it still does) attempts to poach Tesla employees: “ They hired people we had fired. We jokingly call Apple “Tesla’s graveyard”. If you don’t make it at Tesla, you’ll work at Apple “. Good atmosphere!

Model S, Model 3.
Model X, Model Y.

Two years ago, the same Musk got pissed off about bugs in Apple software (maybe he should have twirled his tongue a few times in his mouth before speaking). And, more anecdotally, Musk also had fun with Apple’s rag. It’s hard to blame him, because who hasn’t?

Today, it is the chief designer of Tesla, Franz von Holzhausen, to go there from his reproach. Interviewed by the podcast Spike’s Car Radiohe said he was disappointed with Apple’s current products, ” there is nothing to expect “. He laments the fact that it’s just a continuation, kind of a slight refinement of the same thing. In terms of inspiration, it’s hard to be super motivated by what [Apple] fact “.

Franz von Holzhausen has been in charge of design at Tesla since 2008. He has supervised the design of almost all the manufacturer’s cars which, it must be admitted, tend to look a lot alike: Model S, Model 3 , Model Y, Model X… Like a kind of “ continuation “, we could say ! There are of course vehicles that are frankly out of the ordinary, like the Cybertruck and the Semi.

The Tesla designer also indicates that he wears an Apple Watch, mainly for the fitness aspect, ” but otherwise I haven’t really found much use for it “.


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