Tesla’s Autopilot soon to be restricted in Europe? An investigation opened in Germany

The Federal Automobile Agency (KBA) has opened an investigation against the driving assistant of the manufacturer of electric vehicles Tesla, known as “Autopilot”, after a similar step by its American counterpart last August, learned on Tuesday 22 February AFP. “Some Tesla vehicles have an electronic lane change function which may not be permitted in Europe,” a KBA spokesperson said in a message to AFP, confirming information previously published by the newspaper. German Bild am Sonntag. The “electronic lane change” function, triggered by autopilot, is offered by Tesla on some of its models, as an accessory.

However, the agency did not detail the reasons why this mechanism could contravene European legislation. Tests are still in progress before the authority can deliver its verdict. The KBA is in contact with both the manufacturer and the Dutch vehicle registration authority RDW, which is responsible for approving this type of vehicle in the EU.

The US Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA) opened a preliminary investigation in August against the same Tesla driving assistant, apparently involved in a series of eleven accidents listed between 2018 and 2021. A team of researchers based in China , Tencent Keen Security Lab, had shown in 2019, video in support, that by placing stickers on the road, the Tesla system made an abnormal judgment pushing the vehicle to enter the wrong lane.

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