Tesla’s “anti-corkage” tunnel is already… bottled up!

The new “anti-traffic jam” tunnel created by Elon Musk’s brand in Las Vegas is already making waves… for the traffic jams it creates among Tesla users!

The idea dates back to 2017 when the clean car tycoon, Elon Musksuggested creating a new kind of tunnel forclear up traffic on open roads. As described in this video from the time, the concept was to “transport” the drivers of You’re here and their cars in specially constructed tunnels to enable them to win time.

From theory to practice…

On the occasion of THOSE 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) from Vegasseveral media were invited by the Palo Alto brand to test the first example of this tunnel, shaped by The boring companyanother Elon Musk company.

a long time 1.3 kilometers, the tunnel takes the form of a very narrow road (beware of claustrophobes!) that Teslas can take while driving. We are therefore already far from the theoretical project which aimed to place cars in sorts of cable cars

An “anti-cork” tunnel… bottled up!

Another concern: the tunnel does not really offer the traffic flow hoped! On Twitter (see below), a colleague shared his frustration in front of a traffic jam when drivers have to get out of their vehicle. the lack of parking spaces was also singled out.

You’re here and Elon Musk nevertheless have the ambition to build a network, baptized “Vegas Loop”, with a total length of 47 kilometers and spread over 51 stations under the gambling capital of the world.

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