Tesla will offer a 100% autonomous car within 12 months

As we know, Tesla is at the forefront in many areas, including autonomous driving. The brand’s engineers are now working to concretize the project of a full Autopilot, able to drive a car without any human intervention.

Elon Musk made this announcement in Brazil, during a meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro. The two men discussed various subjects revolving mainly around “investment, innovation and technology”as mentioned by the Brazilian politician on Twitter.

Musk is busy touring Latin America to launch the Starlink project through which he will provide internet connection to some 19,000 schools located in rural areas that are not covered by the network of networks. Starlink will also ensure better “ecological monitoring of the Amazon” said the billionaire. The opportunity for him to deviate from full autonomous driving, Tesla making progress in this area and having extended its test program to more than a million customers in the United States. The Tesla group’s research in artificial intelligence is not limited to the automobile, as evidenced by the Tesla Bot projects which will lead to the presentation of a humanoid robot in the near future, and Dojo, an ultra-versatile supercomputer.

Elon Musk should say more during the next Tesla AI Day, announced for August 19.

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